Ambitious employer

Stichting Het Rijnlands Lyceum is an ambitious foundation for both primary and secondary schools and for national and international education.

The 935 staff at our eight schools provide innovative quality education to more than 6500 students with a clear focus on global citizenship which is deeply rooted in the shared values in the foundation.


Learning comes first

Rijnlands is a learning organisation that continuously adapts to a changing society. We do not only focus on the development of our students, but also on the professional growth of our staff. We encourage and support their professional development and offer career prospects. Only in that way are we able to meet our quality standards.

Terms and conditions

Rijnlands offers attractive terms and conditions of employment in line with the primary and secondary education collective labour agreements. This includes 8% holiday allowance, a year-end allowance, a contribution towards travel expenses and a pension plan. In addition, we are able to present an attractive benefits package, such as an allowance for union dues, a bicycle scheme and discounts on various insurance policies. If you interested in one of our positions and you are living abroad, please inquire about our attractive relocation package. 

Certificate of good conduct

A valid Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) is a requirement for your appointment with Stichting Het Rijnlands Lyceum. The procedure for obtaining a VOG will be explained during the interview covering the terms and conditions of employment. Needless to say, Rijnlands will reimburse all costs in relation to obtaining the VOG.

Payroll and temporary staff 

In some cases a vacancy will be filled by a payroll- or temporary member of staff. Staff who come to work at Rijnlands on a payroll or temporary basis will be informed about their status and terms and conditions of employment by the payroll organisation or temporary employment agency well ahead of their starting date. Legally speaking, the payroll organisation or temporary employment agency is the employer of the payroll- or temporary member of staff. 

Stichting Het Rijnlands Lyceum has a partnership with the payroll organisation Payroll Select.